Drones for Archaeological Recording: Photography, Surveillance and Piloting Lessons



12 November, 2-3pm, Centre for Digital Heritage, Berrick Saul Building

Join the Heritage & Play group for fun, experimentation and socialising Wednesdays at lunchtime. This session we are meeting in the Centre for Digital Heritage office (courtesy of Gareth Beale) and then trekking out to Walmgate Stray to learn how to fly the Department of Archaeology drone. There will be a prize for the best drone selfie!


Google Glass and Google Cardboard


Professor Julian Richards, testing out Google Glass.

The Heritage & Play working group kicked off Autumn 2014 by testing out Google Glass and Google Cardboard. Tom Smith led the exploration of Google Glass for Archaeology and Heritage content. We constructed a Google Cardboard out of a kit, and downloaded a program to test it out onto an Android phone.


Constructing Google Cardboard.

In the end, the Heritage & Play group was most impressed by the capabilities of Google Cardboard, though will develop content for both platforms in the coming year.

Hen, demonstrating Google Cardboard.

Hen, demonstrating Google Cardboard.